Thursday, May 2, 2013

Finding Justice (Book 3)

Finished the second book in the trilogy, Chasing Justice. I started the third book, Finding Justice on wattpad.

Secrets have consequences, and not all blood is thicker than water. Out of all the lies and secrets she's kept in the past, this is the biggest. Cassidy hates the fact that she has to keep her boyfriend a secret. But with his life on the line, she'd do anything to protect him, even lie to her family and his. While trying to keep up the illusion of a grieving girlfriend, Cassidy has to help Kevin and law enforcement find Gerald and get him behind bars. Then Brad and Cassidy can return to their normal lives. But can she lie to the very people who love and care about her and can she and Brad get their happy ending? Then, if Gerald's caught what then? Can they find the person behind all this and will everyone survive this round? This person is the mastermind behind the whole plot, so they're bound to more of a challenge...right... It doesn't help when her wayward mother and brother decide now is the best time to make an appearance. If her life wasn't already complicated, it just intensified.

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